PM Narendra Modi To Meet US President Donald Trump on 25th June

Narendra Modi Invited By President Donald Trump To Washington DC

New Delhi, 13th June 2017 | Kirtika Katira: PM Modi will go to Washington DC for a two-day trip on 25th June after being invited by Donald Trump. This will be their first meeting since Trump took over the White House. Both the leaders are expected to hold discussions on taking the bilateral ties to a new level.

Trump has made some critical comments about India in near past while he announced USA’s withdrawal from Paris climate change agreement. He accused India and other countries of trying to extract billions of dollars in the name of foreign aid from the developed world.

Moreover, US national Security Advisor (NSA) Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster has reaffirmed India’s position as the US’s Major Defence Partner during talks with Narendra Modi.

They will also be likely to talk about H-1B visa and its effect on India and its businessmen.



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