Human Rights: European Parliament Against The Rise Of Death Penality And Vigilantism In Pakistan

European Parliament Condemns The Misuse Of Blasphemy Laws And Use Of Military Courts In Pakistan


Europe, 19th June 2017 | Kirtika Katira: The EU’s Parliament is concerned about the executions that are taking place frequently in Pakistan following flawed and unfair trials. They have called out Pakistan in one resolution to reinstate its moratorium on the death penalty and they are seeking for full abolition.

Members of Parliament has urged Pakistani Government to stop and prevent the misuse of the ‘blasphemy law’ to support vigilantism towards alleged blasphemers. The intolerance in the name of religion is rising which is a concern for EU. Political dissidents are the target of such action. The law is so vaguely defined and practised that it has given rise to unfair trials, propagandas and false claims to suppress the voices of people who oppose them.

They have taken a clear stand against roll-back in Pakistan in the context of human rights and the rule of law. In particular, they are against the freedom granted to military courts, the use of military courts, the intimidation of human rights defenders, misuse of law against religious minorities in the state, the increase in extrajudicial killings, the crackdown on NGOs that work for human rights and the increase of death penalties.

The EU’s Parliament calls upon the authority of Azerbaijan to release Afgan Mukhtarli, an investigative journalist exiled in Georgia, from where he was abducted on May 29 and then he was brought to Azerbaijan. “He was charged with bogus charges”, says MEPs.


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