Hindu Convention Resolution Demand India To Be Declared As A Hindu Rashtra

New Delhi, 19th June 2017 | Kirtika Katira: All India Hindu Convention passed a resolution on Saturday, demanding that India and Nepal be declared as Hindu Rashtra.

“Various pro-Hindu and patriotic organisations all overIndia and abroad are striving to establish Hindu Rashtra. Declaring India and Nepal as Hindu Rashtra was one of the many resolutions passed at the convention,” Charudatt Pingale, The leader of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti told PTI.

He further added,” The 6th All India Hindu Convention, which was organised to unite and channelise the efforts of these organisations, concluded successfully,”

It is a four-day convention at Ramnathi, Ponda where more than 342 delegates have come from India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka representing right-wing organisations.

Acc. to Pingale, all these organisations unitedly work to protect the religion and nation.

“Only when these sectors are able to provide clean, corruption free and pro-people services to the society will it be possible to establish Hindu Rashtra… This is something all pro-Hindu organisations have agreed upon,” he added.

Source – PTI


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