So mote it be! 

Life is a journey with hills and roads for me to travel as I bestow.

There are paths that cross and dead-end streets.

There are plenty of detours and obstacles to meet.

One day I found myself on a lone highway when I became aware I had lost my way.

I looked around to my concern and wondered when I had made a wrong turn.

I looked for a sign to tell me my location and found myself reflecting upon my initial destination.

My passage through life has lost its intention.

I wander across trails of no ambition.

Wearily I struggle to fight dejection.

As I span the horizon contemplating my direction.

East, South, West, or North, I must decide in order to go forth.

Feeling overwhelmed I fall to my knees and ask Goddess Diana to help me, please.

I hear a voice inside me say, ”My dear child, you know your way.

Follow your heart it will always lead to paths of splendour and the way to succeed.

Remember the words of our Wiccan Rede, and the three fold law must you heed.

Be of true heart and goodwill, and ye harm none do what ye will.

I rise to my feet and look to the west remembering now my journeys quest.

I watch an eagle fly towards the sea and knew all was well, So Mote It Be!

Credits: W sisters!!!


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