Cleanliness is next to Godliness, Swaach Bharat Abhiyan

India is a beautiful country with its scenic beauty but the only thing we lack is to maintain our scenic beauty. We should clean each and every place where we live because this is the thing that makes us different from Animals. Animals can not think, can not clean the place where they live but God gave us the ability to think and clean our place where we live, so we must make conscious choices every day to keep our surrounding clean and tidy. Actually, the means of cleanliness is the complete absence of dirt, dust, stains, and bad smells at home, working places or surrounding areas. The most important purpose of maintaining cleanliness is to get health, beauty, remove offensive odour as well as avoid the spread of dirt and contaminants. We clean our teeth, clothes, body, hair on daily basis in order to get freshness and achieving cleanliness.
We use a variety of products and water to clean different things accordingly. What we see with our eyes is that cleaning helps us to remove dirt and bad odour. However, what we do not see with our eyes is that cleaning also removes harmful microorganisms (like bacteria, virus, fungus, algae, etc) from the things. It keeps us healthy and away from a variety of diseases especially caused by the harmful microorganisms. The presence of dirt and bad odour may decrease the power of our immune system.
Commonly, there are two types of cleanliness, one is physical cleanliness and another is internal cleanliness. Physical cleanliness keeps us clean from outside and gives us feeling of wellbeing with confidence. However, internal cleanliness keeps us mentally peaceful and away from anxiety. Internal cleanliness means a mind absence of dirty, bad and negative thinking. Keeping the heart, body and mind clean and peaceful is the complete cleanliness. However, we also need to keep clean our surrounding areas so that we can live in a healthy and clean environment. It will keep us away from the epidemic diseases and give us the feeling of social wellbeing.

Cleanliness is a fundamental responsibility of an Indian citizen. Everyone should be part of Swatch Bharath Abhiyan and encourage other people also because cleanliness helps us to stay healthy and our mind is clean. There is some different environment around us which makes us think positive thoughts. Cleanliness is very important in our life.

There is a very old saying that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. It is well said by the John Wesley. Cleanliness should be given a priority in all the homes from childhood so that a little one can practice it as a habit and can be benefitted all through the life. Cleanliness is like a good habit which not only benefits a person, however; it benefits the family, society and country and thus the whole planet. It can be developed at any age, however, best to practice it from the childhood.




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