Empath! S-1 !

Well, you must be thinking, what is this ‘Empath’? If we will go by definition, it indicates a person who has paranormal abilities to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual. In my words, it’s the ability to step into another person’s shoe and feel exactly the way how the other person is feeling. An empath is someone who can look into a situation from other’s perception so deeply and strongly that they feel other’s pain or pleasure. It is a feeling that is a bit difficult to understand till the time you haven’t felt it yourself.

Why am I writing about it? Simply because I am an empath and like me, there are many other people who are empath too but some don’t realise it. Being an empath can be quite depressing at times because you are mostly tuned into other’s feelings more than yourself. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of being an empath. I will be writing a series of blogs explaining its both side.


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