How to follow the spiritual path? 

How to follow the spiritual path? Earlier I wrote about the samsara- the materialistic world. Today I am gonna elaborate on how we can follow a spiritual path on the basis of Buddhist teachings.

We all have the karma to meet one spiritual path or another, and I would encourage you, from the bottom of my heart, to follow with complete sincerity the path that inspires you the most. It can be through any religion or belief. The core message of every religion is same, only the practise differs.

For the start, read the great spiritual books of all traditions, come to some understanding of what masters might mean by liberation and enlightenment, and find out which approach attracts and suits you the most. So when you have explored the mystical traditions, choose one master and follow him or her. It’s one thing to set out on the spiritual journey; it’s quite another to find the patience and endurance, the wisdom, courage and humility to follow it to the end. As the Buddha said in his first teaching, the root of all suffering in samsara is our ignorance. Until we free ourselves from ignorance, our spiritual path can not begin. When we have prayed and aspired and hungered for the truth for a long time, for many lives and when our karma has become sufficiently purified, a miracle takes places- if we understand this miracle and use it, it can end ignorance forever.

With training and practise of 3 steps, we can follow the spiritual path with sincerity.

1) View 

2) Meditation 

3) Action 

To see directly the absolute state, the ground of our being and existence – is the ‘view’.

The way of stabilising that view and making it an unbroken experience is – ‘Meditation’.

Integrating the view into our entire reality and life is what is meant by – ‘Action’.


** In my next blog I will elaborate the 3 steps.

** I thank my rich Tibetan Buddhist culture that gave me all this knowledge, all this is stated in Tibetan tradition books and this is the real essence of Tibetan Buddhist knowledge.

** P.S. My motive of writing this blog is to spread the knowledge I gained from my culture.



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