‘Samara’ is the ocean of suffering, it is the realm of illusion.

Samara is the material world where we live. We are bound in this material world. Nowadays, we have so many things that divert our mind from our spiritual self. This world is filled with illusions that keep us away from our true inner self, our soul! When we grow older from an infant, our lives are so bound by social norms, education, jobs, materialistic world etc. We slowly get away from our true self, the Enlightened self! In the race of this materialistic world, we forget to nurture our soul. We are unable to balance between the materialistic world and our spiritual world! Yes, we need a job to earn our livelihood, we need to study to get a job and we must socialise to live a good life but we completely ignore our spiritual self, in the quest of getting a better life. We must understand the importance of nurturing our soul and our spirit. Over the time, the knowledge of our spiritual self is getting vanished. Nobody teaches us about our soul, people ignore this concept as if it doesn’t exist but the more they run away, the more important it becomes to get back to our true inner enlightened self! There are lots of ways to attain nirvana and come out of this suffering samsara world, but it needs practise and patience!

Everyone must have asked themselves one question, which haunts every person’s mind, that is ‘what is the purpose of our life?’, so the answer to this question is that we have come to this world to become closer to our spiritual self, the purpose of this life is to get enlightened! We need to break free from this circle of life and death which is only possible when we attain enlightenment! The exact way Buddha attained enlightenment and solved the puzzle of this life. It is a difficult and aching process but it is possible to achieve it! I will be sharing various ways by which we can get one step closer to enlightenment! Stay with me on this journey to absolute clarity and clear vision! Let’s make this world a better place 😊😊😊

Thank you, readers,



  1. The easiest or u can say the hardest way to achieve Dat is to be observant…. Observe everything happening in n around u…. How ur body is Goin…each and everything is moved by energy… N these energies are running each and everything around… So one need to jus focus on these energies…

    And another thing… People jus try to seek peace and Nirvana but they jus forget that’s its a state of mind and nothing else..

    Jus my thoughts.. M no religious or spiritual guy but do believe in higher forms of energy…

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