Love your self! 

We should have great respect for ourselves and a gratitude for the miracle of our bodies and our minds! ‘Love’ to me is appreciation to such a degree that it fills our heart to bursting and overflows! I feel we should love the very process of life itself! As a human being, we have a thirst for love, from others and especially ourselves. We shouldn’t ignore this thirst! We expect others to love us, even when we hurt ourselves. More than we need other’s love, we need our love for our body, mind and soul! If we can give out so much love, we can give it out to ourselves too! People mistreat their body by eating unhealthy, cutting wrist in depression, and making unhealthy choices. That’s not all we make our souls unhappy when we stop loving our souls, for eg: when we feel sad and hurt because a guy left us! Instead of making our souls ache, we can work on our soul and be happy, isn’t it? We attach our happiness with the love we get from outside, which is not in our control and we end up getting hurt but if we start expecting the same love from ourselves and we start giving ourselves this deep love and compassion than we can definitely control our emotions! We wouldn’t need to focus on other people! When we love ourselves, we can work on us and be a better person! Self -worth is the key to loving ourselves!

P.s. We must not deny our good in any way, it is an act of not loving ourselves…..



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